The Power of Optimism

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It is so easy to focus on all that does, can, and will go wrong. After all, this is life. It is not perfect by any means. We all have ups and downs along with twists and turns. We cannot control every single circumstance; however, we can control how we handle those twists, turns, peaks, and valleys. That is where the power of optimism comes in handy.

There is much power in optimism. Being optimistic can make a journey, circumstance, or situation much more doable. While situations such as an Alzheimer’s, Dementia, or Parkinson’s diagnosis, for example, is never a situation that feels good, tackling it with hope is the power behind optimism. 

We can choose to whine, moan, groan and complain the rest of our lives or we can choose to accept this situation as unfortunate and use our energy toward living a full life. We can choose to organize our plans, wishes, and life as best we can, or just sit back and let whatever happens come our way. If we choose the latter, we are always reacting. We will never be in control of anything.

An optimistic person can view the diagnosis as a call to action. A time to get their affairs in order.
 A thankfulness for having the time to prepare, instead of anger at the diagnosis. Do you see the difference behind the power of being optimistic? It will not change the situation or circumstance; however, we can choose how we travel through it.

If we travel through an unfortunate circumstance with more optimism, we choose to get through it with more ease and grace. The alternative is to go through it with so much resistance, we wear ourselves out mentally, spiritually, and physically.

The lack of optimism in life can result in loss of sleep, disconnection in relationships, and a lack of enthusiasm when it counts most. Optimism benefits us in so many areas of our lives:

  • Cultivating optimism benefits us in our emotional well-being
  • Being more optimistic benefits us in our education
  • Bringing optimism into the workplace benefits us in our career 
  • Cultivating optimism brings harmony into our relationships 
  • Having an optimistic outlook for the future benefits us in our finances
  • Cultivating optimism benefits us in our physical health
  • Optimism strengthens our faith

I try to stop looking at my problems but instead focus on solutions. My first step is to look up. I ask God to give me wisdom and good ideas.

You may want to step aside to a quiet place so you can focus and think more clearly.

Training yourself to be optimistic is a skill you can learn and it carries many benefits for you. Not convinced? Read this Benefits of Being Optimistic - The Purple Vine

There is always a choice to be made.


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