Sonshine for the Soul

A quote can inspire, encourage and uplift the heart. Humorous stories bring joy and laughter, which are good for the soul. Bible verses shed light, wisdom, hope, and comfort, as well as elicit a variety of emotions.

Sonshine for the Soul is a collection of inspiring quotes from religious leaders, singers, actors, and others. It contains Biblical passages from a wide variety of translations as well as lots of humor from my everyday life.

Many of the short, funny quotes have never been published before. If you need a quote for a speech, are feeling a little down, or just looking for a light-hearted quick read, this is the book for you.

My Dad was a country preacher, and my mom was the ever-supportive pastor’s wife. Mom was volunteered, (meaning she did not volunteer herself) to make our church bulletins for a while.

These were the days of the typewriter, no spell-check, not even a proofreader, and very little time. The results were sometimes hilarious and sometimes embarrassing to my poor mother. Some are shared in this book not to make fun of my sweet mom in any way, but to brighten your day.

Laughter, after all, is the best medicine! I hope you decide to add some Sonshine to your day!

What others are saying:

Debbie is a passionate loving giving soul! Her love for God and family are an inspiration to many. If you need a pick me up, a chuckle or uplifting scriptures then let the Sonshine for the Soul give you a boost. You won’t be disappointed!! ~ Tami Presley


This book has great advice concerning dementia, inspiring quotes from famous people and uplifting Bible scriptures. The author is great at using humor to help work through life. ~ Barbara C.

This book has sweet memories of my parents. Not because they did this but just the era and things it refers to . ~ Susan B.

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