Lessons from my Ivy Plant

I've found there are lessons in nature all around us, but we often miss them. Why? Because we are in a hurry, not really paying attention, or pausing long enough to really take in what we are viewing.

I was watering my indoor plants on Saturday like I always do. (I discovered long ago that they grow much better if I water them consistently.)

As I watered my giant ivy (Golden Pothos is its technical name,) I took time to really observe it. I've cared for it for nearly 20 years now yet I still learned a valuable lesson from it on this bright morning.

When the ivy is growing normally, either draping down or going across a flat surface, the vine is smooth, as in the picture to the left.


But, it has no trellis when it wants to grow up tall. No safety net or guide. It simply decides to grow, and off it goes. To stay upright, it adapts and grows tiny arms! (That's not the technical term, but it's one we all understand, right?) 🙂

These tiny arms grab hold of anything near, whether it's the wall, my blinds, or a canvas work of art by one of my grandchildren.

If you look closely at the leaf juncture in the second picture, you'll notice the arms are actually growing THROUGH the canvas.

This plant has found a way to adapt to its environment and not only survive, but thrive.

It has a plan in place to hold itself where it wants to be.

Adapting is the key to my ivy growing so big and strong. It's also a critical key for caregivers.

We must be adaptable in an ever-changing environment to do more than just survive. We, as caregivers, often find ourselves in situations we need help navigating. We are moving along with no trellis or guide. It can be done, but it's much more difficult.

We must reach out, like the ivy, to find the resources we need to live happier, less-stressful lives, both for ourselves and for our care recipients. I am a resource standing by, and I am ready to help you when you feel the need.

We can have a Caregiver Action Plan call where we map out the next steps, locate resources, and laugh at the craziness. You'll leave the call inspired, refreshed, and with renewed hope. This is a $100. value, yours FREE when you request a meeting this week. (The meeting can be any week in the next four weeks, but it does need to be booked this week.)

I only have a few spots available, so this is limited to the first ten people to respond. E-mail me today at  [email protected] to reserve your Action Plan Call today!

Let's get you growing, and taking care of yourself, so you can continue to support your loved one or your many residents.

Thank you for all you do to support those in need!
I am thankful for you.
Debbie Compton

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