A Fun Interview?

Betsy Wurzel
Chatting with Betsy on Passionate World Talk Radio
Betsy Wurzel Chatting with Betsy on Passionate World Talk Radio

Being interviewed can be stressful.

Being interviewed on live radio multiplies the nerves, usually. This was NOT the case in a recent interview I had with Betsy Wurtzel on her program #ChattingwithBetsy.

Betsy speaks on Passionate World Talk Radio which broadcasts to 174 countries. She was, and still is a caregiver, just like me. We are both Christians and we both have a strong desire to help other caregivers so we connected right away.

Here's the link to the live broadcast of Chatting with Betsy: https://bit.ly/3Anfwxi

If you are a caregiver, I highly recommend you check out her show as she always has resources on for caregivers.

During her show, I also made a FREE offer for anyone who listens!

Check it out and redeem your FREE OFFER soon.

Betsy and I discuss:

  • Why I became a caregiver
  • Why I wrote Caregiving: How to Hold On WHile Letting Go
  • My mission
  • A few tips for caregivers
  • Ways I can empower caregivers
  • How I got through caregiving
  • A FREE gift for everyone listening live or to the recording
  • And more.



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Debbie DeMoss Compton
Debbie Compton, The Purple Vine LLC
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I am an author, speaker, caregiver, and Grammy. The latter is by far the most fun! Having been a primary caregiver 3x, I realized so many lessons were learned too late to benefit my Dad who passed of Parkinson's Disease. I resolved to write a book to make life easier and safer for other caregivers that would get them ideas, inspiration, and lessons learned. It's called "Caregiving: How To Hold On While Letting Go" available on Amazon. I am a Certified Caregiver Consultant and Advocate as well as a Community Educator for the Alzheimer's Assoc. and Founder of The PurpleVine LLC

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