• 5 Stress Relievers

    Prioritize Take a good look at your To-Do List. On one sheet of paper, write items you MUST accomplish; on another, list things that would be nice to achieve. What I'm going to say next is hard to hear, but it's VERY IMPORTANT to reducing your stress levels. Are you ready? Throw away the second page. You don't need the pressure of having it on your To-Do List when it's not essential. When you have some free time, you can think about those things. If you can't bear throwing it away, put it in a drawer out of sight. (I understand.) Now look at the items on your smaller To-Do…

  • Eliminate Limiting Beliefs and reduce your stress

    There are some very effective brain hacks that you can use for stress management. You need to retrain your brain to react in a different way to stress triggers. This will take time and consistent effort but you can do it. In this article, we will discuss three of the most powerful brain hacks you can use to reduce and control your stress. Identify Limiting Beliefs and replace them We all have some limiting beliefs stored away in our subconscious minds. Some of these have been there for a long time. Many of us created these limiting beliefs when we were children. Kids are often told many negative things by…

  • How to Live well even on a fixed Income

    For many seniors, the promise of adequate retirement savings and Social Security benefits creates a false sense of financial security. You might think your fixed income means you are set, but when you consider that the cost of living has increased 14 percent in just a few years, you may start to worry. Rest assured, you can still enjoy your golden years with financial fine-tuning. Get a New Insurance Plan Your mind and body change as you age, meaning more doctor’s visits, check-ups, and prescriptions, but this also means an increase in health care expenses. To help you save some money in the long run, now might be the time…

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