• Why Do People Journal?

    Have you heard people talk about journaling and wondered why they do it? Is there any benefit, or is it yet another thing to add to your already full day? How can it possibly help? I thought those same things! I felt like I was barely keeping my head above water with my job, family, and caregiving. I’m asking you to read on and consider if journaling might help you. I’m NOT asking you to do it or commit to anything; I’m just offering thoughts to ponder. If it’s something you want to try, great! If it’s not for you, that’s okay too. And for those avid journalers among us,…

  • Do you Journal?

    Can Journaling Solve All Your Problems?Nowadays, journaling is a popular topic that enters many conversations. People are learning the benefits of journaling, how to create journaling habits, and the different ways they can use them. But it is also easy to assume journaling is going to solve all your problems. This isn’t the case, but it can...

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