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I was traveling coast to coast in upper-middle management. Life was good - until it wasn't.

It's not fun to be on the coast and get a call that your mom has passed out in OKC and is on the way to the hospital. Also not fun, is being on the opposite coast and finding out your Dad has taken your mom's pills by mistake and is nearly comatose. Add to that a mother-in-law who is experiencing more and more memory issues and my friends, you are set up for an ulcer.

God intervened and I became a full-time caregiver. I never set out to be a caregiver but God didn't ask my opinion. lol

This is me. Debbie DeMoss Compton.

I made many mistakes because I didn't know any better. I began researching the web, interviewing doctors and nurses, reading everything I could find on Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and all types of Dementia.

I was determined to help our aging parents live as full a life as possible.

When hospice came in and saw some of the things we were doing, they were impressed. (I was just trying to survive at some points!) They told me how others needed to know about our special bed alert system, one hanger clothing organization, door-stop solution, and so much more.

I hadn't considered it, so I prayed about it and very quickly got my answer. That's how my first book was born. It's called "Caregiving: How to Hold on While Letting Go" and is available on Amazon.

I wrote my book to make life easier for other caregivers. It offers lots of info. as well as encouragement from scripture since that's where I draw my strength. You don't have to be a believer to gain lots of help from the pages.

Ever take two little ladies to get haircuts and shopping when one has Dementia and the other Alzheimer's? It makes for some pretty funny situations! (Funny now, not-so-much at the time.)

Caregiving is a difficult journey! You don't have to make it alone!

I include resources and tips on getting others to help out.

Grab a copy for yourself or a caregiver today. It makes a thoughtful gift!

Next Steps...

Order a copy of Caregiving: How To Hold On While Letting Go and then read some blog posts for instant information. Be blessed my friend!


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